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We are software development, design, training and consultancy company.

We love modern software technologies like Python, Ruby and use power of Unix. We also provide native iOS and Mac OS X application development services. We have training courses and workshops in many different areas.

What We Do ?

We are full-stack development & design company for your projects. We establish teams according to your project requirements and deliver it on-time!

We also have Training Courses, Hands on Workshops, Mentorship Program and Consultancy Services.

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You can download our information documents in English or Türkçe.

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You can also download our presentations at speakerdeck.com


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We offer tailor-made web design and development services including Apple based mobile and desktop application development.

Ruby Python Objective-C

Mobile First

Yes! Every website should support various device sizes and must look good and usable on the device. We provide responsive solutions for your application.

Popular Frameworks

We provide modern solutions and use popular web frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails. Depending on your project, we also use light weight frameworks like Sinatra and Flask.

Html 5 CSS 3 JavaScript Django Ruby on Rails Sinatra Flask


We love Bootstrap and jQuery. We also love CoffeeScript as JavaScript compiler. As client-server communication, we use modern frameworks like Backbone.js. We also love the power of CSS processing via Sass and Less.

Bootstrap jQuery Backbone.js Sass CoffeeScript Less


We are an Open Source company. Under the hood, we are powered by Unix and Linux operating systems. As a social coding enthusiasts we use Github and Bitbucket as source code repository.

Open Source Unix Linux GitHub BitBucket


Behind the scenes, we offer our custom servers which are running latest Ubuntu instances. We also offer Amazon Web Services and Heroku platform as a service provider.

Ubuntu Heroku Amazon AWS Nginx


We are providing mentorship services for Özyeğin University Fit Startup Factory and Koç University Incubation Center.

We are sharing our experiences about software development, deployment and maintaining web / mobile applications.

Key Points

  • How to create Landing Page easily?
  • Which services should we choose and why?
  • How to decide which technology to use!
  • How to integrate external services to our website?
  • How to track / analyse and measure a website?
  • How can we impress visitors without a designer?
Fit Startup Factory Koç Incubation Center


Past Workshops

Web App, Up and Running!

We are going to examine how to create a simple website without any technical knowledge or experience.

Details | Detaylar

Hands on CoffeeScript

We are going to build a web application with CoffeeScript & Backbone.js

Details | Detaylar

Design your Website!

You want to design your website and you have some ideas. Let us help you to realize that!

Details | Detaylar

iPhone Bootcamp

We are going to build an iPhone application and submit to AppStore at the end of second day!

Details | Detaylar

Launch your Business with WordPress

Are you ready to launch your business idea without anyone? WordPress will make your dream come true!

Details | Detaylar


We love events! Therefore we love to organize events and seminars too! Developer conferences, single day events and awesome speakers are our main focus!

Please get in touch with us! We can help you to find great speakers in many different software disciplines.

Up Coming

codeFront.io codeFront.io 2014, May 10, Linz / Austria

Supported Events


October 26, 2013

A developer conference in Istanbul that will bring different programming technologies and disciplines together in order to create the ideal environment to share knowledge.



Kod.io 2014

March 1, 2014

Bridging the gap between cultures and programming languages over continents!




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We are Hiring!

We are looking for freelance contractors for project-based operations. Please get in touch if you are good at any of these technologies.


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